Driving Lessons Brisbane 


Take Automatic Driving Lessons in Brisbane . We offer Professional Driving Lessons in Brisbane and surrounding areas. Taking Driving Lessons in an Automatic vehicle, no gear changing required, can mean few Driving Lessons are required. Manual also.

For Those that Want to Learn to Drive FAST – IS THIS YOU!




We have been in the Driving School Business for 30 years now and Know what works and we just do it. Our Driving School is in Brisbane  and only use local Driving instructors who are familair with the area.

We teach Manual Driving Lessons and Automatic Driving Lessons

Male Driving Instructors  and Female Driving  Instructors.

Brisbane and surrounding suburbs 



Refresher Driving Course at Brisbane

 This course is ideal for students from other countries. This is a great opportunity for those who have lost their confidence or need to learn more.

Give us a call to discuss the Driving Lesson Course that is most suitable for you. We don’t follow a script and are not a call centre.

You can take your driving lessons in Brisbane in an automatic car. We offer professional driving instructors. We also have female driving instructors. Manual as well

 12 Hour Driving Lesons 

A Pupil who is nearly at  Driving Test standard/has failed in last few months. Pupils who have experience from other Countries

8 Hour Driving Lesons

Pupils who have done 10-15 Hours before. Can be a Mini Starter Driving Course for Beginners.

6 Hour Driving Lesons

For Pupils who may have recently failed a test. Those pupils who are at Test Standard.

Refresher Driving Course in Brisbane 

This is well suited for pupils from other countries. Also, those that have lost confidence and need to brush up on a few issues.








Crew Wang
Crew Wang
I was a little nervous about getting driving lessons, but Simon made me feel comfortable and confident that I would pass my driving test. He was also friendly and very helpful and encouraging. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for driving lessons
Cohen Fuller
Cohen Fuller
I had a great experience learning to drive with Brisbane Driving School. I took my lessons at 6.30 pm to fit around my work schedule and they were really accommodating. The instructor was really friendly, patient and encouraging. They gave me great advice and made me feel at ease during my lessons. I would highly recommend this driving school!
Lucy William
Lucy William
Passed my driving test on the first go after a few lessons with Simon. very professional, friendly, and very patient. He identified and corrected my faults. I gained so much valuable knowledge in a short period of time. The prices are also very affordable. Highly recommend this driving school!
Paisley Reggie
Paisley Reggie
I've just had my first driving lesson with my Instructor and it was a great experience. He gave clear instructions and helped develop useful driving techniques to help boost that confidence and has definitely made me a better+safe driver
Ricci Adam
Ricci Adam
I had the finest experience with this business since the instructor was so kind and patient with me as she taught me the regulations and even went over the test with me. In addition, the customer service is outstanding. I would highly suggest this school to everyone since they are excellent. Additionally, compared to all the others in the neighborhood, it is relatively inexpensive. Because of the instructor, I eagerly anticipate receiving my license.
Jeremy Snow
Jeremy Snow
This is a highly instructive course that keeps you interested in driving while also frightening you just enough to be a cautious driver. If you're searching for a demanding class to gain a good education, this is it. The classes are really informative and helpful. Simon was my driver, and he was full of insightful anecdotes to illustrate what actually occurs. It just takes work to have a pleasant experience overall. Definitely suggest it.
Chalie Weston
Chalie Weston
I was nervous about learning to drive but I was put at ease straight away, the instructor was friendly, patient and encouraging which helped me to relax and feel comfortable. The lessons were well structured and the instructor was very encouraging and helpful, I felt at ease from the first lesson. Overall the lessons were really enjoyable and the instructor was always very patient and helpful
Wicky Austin
Wicky Austin
I have been through a number of driving schools and Simon has been my first instructor that has been a very patient instructor, very easy to talk to. He teaches me in a way that I understand and I also enjoy every bit of driving lessons with him. If you're making a decision to choose Simon as your driving instructor, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed
Johnny Morrison
Johnny Morrison
The best driving school in Moreton Bay. I got trained from here and passed in one go. The Instructor was very helpful and went out of his way with lesson timings . He kept me motivating and teaches the tricks. I strongly recommend this Driving school
Natasha Evans
Natasha Evans
Needed Refresher driving lessons. Have been driving abroad for a few years, needed a few tips to get back into Aussie roads again

6 Hour Driving Lessons Brisbane

For pupils that have nearly completed their Driving Lessons or near to Test standard. Or that have arrived from other countries..


    Deposit $78


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8 Hours  Driving Lessons  Brisbane       

Perfect for  Beginners and Pupils who       have 15-20 Hours under their belt 


    • Deposit $104 

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12 Hour Driving Lessons Brisbane  

For those pupils who have come from other countries to get used to our  Roads.

Great for Beginers


    • Deposit  $156 

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We offer Driving Lessons in Brisbane and the surrounding areas

Since we have been in the Driving School business for over 30 years, we know what works. We just do it. Our Driving School in Brisbane only uses local Driving instructors who know the area well.

We offer Manual Driving Lessons. Also Automatic Driving Lessons

Male Driving Instructors, Female Driving Instructors in Brisbane




Are you ready to Get Started with your Driving Lessons

Give us Call and have a chat. We will listen and advise on your best course of action as to which course is most suitable for you.



 I chose to have Refresher Driving Lessons as I had not driven for a number of years. I was, to be honest very apprehensive and can’t thank James enough for giving me my confidence back.


Jamie Powell



I was attracted to Brisbane Driving School, after several negative experiences with different instructors. Leslie taught me and got on well with her The instructor made me feel extremely relaxed. 

Cathy Smithson



Within an hour from Brisbane are the world’s best, frequently Heritage-listed national forests as well as marine parks. The east of Brisbane is home to the stunning Moreton Bay Marine Park with some of the largest beaches, sand islands, and an amazing marine ecosystem. To the west of the Scenic Rim are numerous national parks, with stunning forests as well as lakes, valleys, and waterfalls, and rivers.

Road safety tips for new drivers

For many people, getting their driver’s license is a rite of passage. It signifies the beginning of a new chapter in life and opens up opportunities for independence and travel. But for new drivers, the experience can be daunting – especially when it comes to road safety. To help make your first few weeks behind the wheel as safe as possible, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Don’t drive when you’re tired

New drivers are often full of energy and eager to get behind the wheel. However, it’s important to remember that driving is a serious responsibility. One of the best ways to stay safe on the road is to avoid driving when you’re tired.

Fatigue can lead to slow reaction times and poor decision-making, both of which can be dangerous behind the wheel. If you’re feeling tired, take a break and rest before getting back on the road. You’ll be glad you did.


Follow the speed limit and use your signals

As a new driver, it can be tempting to go fast – especially if you’re sharing the road with other experienced drivers. However, speed is one of the leading causes of car accidents and should always be avoided.

In addition to following the speed limit, make sure you use your turn signals when changing lanes or turning. This helps other drivers anticipate where you’ll be on the road and gives them time to adjust accordingly. Plus, using your signals is a simple way to demonstrate good driving etiquette and set an example for others on the road.


Keep a safe distance from other cars

As a new driver, it’s crucial to always leave plenty of space between yourself and other vehicles. This not only helps you avoid accidents, but also allows you the time and room to react if someone else makes an error on the road.

To practice safe driving habits, try counting how many seconds pass between your car and the one ahead of you whenever you get behind the wheel. If there are less than three seconds, it’s time to slow down or change lanes. Remember – safety first!


Be aware of your surroundings – look out for pedestrians, cyclists, and animals

Driving is a complex task, and it can be difficult to keep your eyes on the road all of the time. However, one of the most important safety tips for new drivers is to always be aware of your surroundings.

This means looking out for pedestrians, cyclists, and animals whenever you’re driving. Remember, there may be people or creatures near or around your car at any moment – so stay alert at all times. By following these simple tips, you’ll soon become an experienced driver yourself!



Don’t use your phone while driving

Another easy way to stay safe behind the wheel is to avoid using your phone. In addition to being a major distraction, it’s illegal in many states and can lead to serious consequences if you’re caught.

If you need to make a call or send a text message, find a safe place to pull over first. You’ll be glad you did when you reach your destination safely and on time. With these simple tips, you’ll soon gain confidence as a new driver – and enjoy life on the open road!


Always wear your seat belt

Lastly, be sure to wear your seat belt whenever you get into a car. This might seem like common sense, but many people don’t always buckle up when they drive – and it’s a major cause of injuries during car accidents.

To stay safe on the road as a new driver, make sure that you’re using your seat belt every time you get in the car. Not only will this help keep you safe if you ever get into an accident, but it can also help lower your insurance rates and earn you points toward your license renewal down the line. Follow these tips and stay safe out there!


Driving school Brisbane

Our Driving school in Brisbane offers affordable Driving Lessons in your local area. We have been Driving Instructors for some considerable time. We are patient, professional and enjoy getting learners to completely change their lives by Passing their Driving Test Doesn’t get better than that.



Learn to Drive Brisbane
Learn to Drive Brisbane

Why automatic driving lessons are the way to go?

When you’re learning to drive, one of the most important things to remember is that there is no one right way to do it. Some people prefer to take manual driving lessons, while others believe that automatic driving lessons are a better option. So, which is the best option for you? Here’s a look at the pros and cons of each type of lesson.

Pros and cons of automatic driving lessons

Automatic driving lessons have several advantages over traditional manual lessons. For one, they are a lot less stressful and intimidating than learning how to drive with a clutch and gear shift. In addition, automatic lessons can be more convenient for people who live in busy cities or areas where traffic is heavy, since these cars typically perform well even in stop-and-go situations.


On the other hand, there are some disadvantages to automatic driving lessons as well. For example. Some individuals may find that automatic cars lack the control and responsiveness of manual models when it comes to tackling tricky driving situations or maneuvering through narrow roads.


Pros and cons of manual driving lessons

Many people prefer manual driving lessons for several reasons. For one, these lessons typically give you more control over the vehicle and allow you to develop your skills as a driver faster. In addition, learning to drive with a clutch allows you to drive any car or truck on the road, whereas automatic vehicles are designed specifically for those who do not know how to use a clutch or gear shifter.



On the other hand, there are some downsides to manual driving lessons as well. For example, they can be more difficult and intimidating than automatic classes due to the need for shift work and proper coordination between hands, feet, and eyes. Additionally, they require more time and effort from instructors since they must stop constantly in order to help students with their shifting.

How to decide which type of lesson is best for you?
Driving Lessons Brisbane
Driving Lessons Brisbane

Ultimately, whether you choose manual or automatic driving lessons depends on your individual preferences and goals as a driver. If you are more concerned about convenience and ease-of-use, then an automatic lesson may be the best option for you.


To decide which type of lesson is best for you, it is important to consider your own strengths and weaknesses as well as the specific conditions of your local driving environment. By doing this research ahead of time, you can make an informed decision about which type of lesson will help you achieve your driving goals most effectively.


Overall, deciding whether to take automatic or manual driving lessons is a personal choice that will depend on your individual strengths, goals, and preferences as a driver.


Whether you choose automatic or manual lessons, however, it is important to remember that you can always improve your skills and knowledge over time by practicing regularly and seeking out professional guidance from experienced instructors. So don’t be afraid to get out there and start driving today!